Thinking of selling a machine? A line? An entire plant?

Do you have any of the following issues?

Here are a few CFM Worldwide asset recovery programs that might help:

Cash payments: The quick and easy way. We offer a fast turnaround for our clients who wish just to remove the equipment and get paid. Just let us know what you have and we'll make a fair offer based on what we see. Photos really help.

Consignment: CFM Worldwide handles large ongoing consignments from companies like Del Monte and Campbell's Soup to the smaller one and two item consignors. Consignments are brought into either our California or Mississippi warehouses and prepared for sale under contract with the consignor and CFM Worldwide. Over a period of time the consignor can maximize the return on their equipment.

On-Site Liquidations: On-site liquidations are basically consignments where the items are still installed in the plant. This works well for processors that know ahead of time if they will be removing a line and we can get a jump on marketing and selling the items. They also work well for total plant shut downs where the owners have a certain time frame to sell off the assets or don't wish to hold an auction. CFM Worldwide manages all aspects of this type of liquidation. From initial evaluation through documentation, pricing and all aspects of sales and marketing. We specialize in all areas of the fruit and vegetable processing, packaging industries, canneries, bottling plants, IQF facilities and dried fruit and nut facilities. Past liquidations successfully managed by our staff include tomato, peach, olive, and pet food canneries, vegetable canneries, IQF facilities for vegetables and fruit, as well as, carbonated beverage bottling facilities.

Auctions: If an auction is the best way to deal with your situation, CFM Worldwide works in conjunction with some of the most respected auctioneers in the industry to help you maximize the return on your assets. Either through on-site or on-line auctions our industry knowledge and customer client lists really bring the bidders to the tables. Successful auctions involving include tomato, peach, olive, soup and pet food canneries and IQF facilities for vegetables and fruit.

Boneyard cleanups: Over the last few years we have seen an increase in companies requesting for us to do boneyard cleanups. This has stemmed from government regulation, broker and customer inspections of the facility, and management's requirement of keeping a cleaner looking plant. CFM Worldwide offers a boneyard cleanup program. We start with coming into your boneyard separating out items that you the processor would like to keep and arranging them correctly. All other idle assets are removed from the boneyard and placed into the consignment program or simply be paid outright as a cash purchase. Remaining items will be scraped for recycle. Proceeds from the scrap go to offset CFM and the processor's costs of doing the cleanup.

If you are interested in any of our asset recovery programs please contact us at