Heat exchangers are used to heat / cool foods or liquids in a closed loop system. Product is introduced on one side of the closed tube or plate, and a heating or cooling medium is introduced on the other side. Plate heaters have multiple plates that the product runs thru. Heating / cooling value is based on the square footage of all the plates combined. With the tube or tube chest styles of heat exchangers, this value is also calculated by square footage from the length and diameter of the tubes. Some tube heaters will have scrape surface mandrels in them to prevent burn on and increase production. Direct steam injection is another way to heat product in a closed loop. Steam can be injected into covered screw augers known as thermal screws or injected into pipes that product is being pumped thru.

CFM Worldwide sells used plate heat exchangers, swept surface heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, steam injection heaters, and thermal screws. We commonly have inventory from the following manufacturers: Rietz, APV, AGC, Cherry - Burrell, Supercharger, Tau Energy, Votator, Advanced Process Solutions, Amitrol, Esco, Feldmeier, Mueller, Therxchanger, Weigman and Rose, Pick, Fran Rica, Alfa Laval, Contherm, and Imdec.

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