AB McLauchlan slot filler briner, last used filling diced product and topping with juice, fully adjustable but currently set on 401 x 411 cans, product is pumped to the upper hydrasieve screen, 23" wide by 20" tall with 1/8" spaced Iso-rod, de-juiced product lands on a 15" wide by 60" long cross belt and then onto a 22" by 36" long shaker filling plate, cans run under this vibrating fill plate and get filled, they then go into a Solbern type shaker rail system for weight control, then thru a 12" long over-flow briner, both filler and briner have recapture tanks underneath them, briner has a 1/2 HP centrifugal recirculation pump, and filler has a 3" all stainless steel air diaphragm pump, 7-1/2 HP power pack for driving all functions, unit is 13' long by 5' wide by 9' tall, all stainless steel construction.