Fuji Intersleeve label heat shrink tunnel, 100" long tunnel with additional 10' of 3-1/4" wide table top conveyor at infeed and discharge, capable of handling up to 4-1/2" diameter containers with a maximum height of 14", single heating zone with three sections, section one includes 15" long manifold with 1/2" perforations, section 2 includes 15" long manifold with 1/4" perforations, section 3 includes 17" long manifold with 1/8" perforations, all three sections are capable of adjusting 12" vertically and 4" horizontally and have their own manual steam control valves, exhaust blower with 1/2 HP electric motor direct drive, wired 208-265/360-460/3/50 and 208-290/360-500/3/60, currently set at a 49-1/2" tall container infeed height but adjustable down to 44", with control panel including digital temperature controls, conveyor speed controls, and exhaust speed controls, additional 2 each 8' long sections of table top conveyor, 3/4 HP electric motor conveyor direct drive, wired 230/400/3/50, 1400 RPM, all stainless steel construction.