CFM Worldwide has equipment to handle your empty containers, from unloading thru the filling cycle. Glass jars, bottles or cans normally come to the plants on pallets with slip sheets between. Depalletizers are used to take each layer off and put the containers into single file or multi-lane delivery conveyors. Sometimes containers will need to be elevated in order to reach the desired destination. Plastic containers will sometimes come in jumble loaded totes and require dumpers and unscramblers. Odd shaped containers may need to be oriented in a certain way in order to be filled. Once containers are unloaded and before they arrive at the filling station, they must cleaned. Normally this is done by inverting the containers and using air, steam or water to rinse out the containers.


CFM Worldwide sells used empty container depalletizers, conveyors, elevators, orienteers, unscramblers, and can track.  We commonly have inventory from the following manufactures: Emhart, Heuft, Arrowhead, Seco, Great Western, I and H, BWM / Agnew, Tanko, FMC, Acme, Busse, Goldco, Fleetwood, Sentry, Posimat, Hoppman, Leader Engineering, Standard Metals, Perrier, Pace, Bevco, McBrady, Air Blast, Paxton, Alvey, Filper, Titan, and Del.


If you can't find what you need here, please let us know. Many companies come to us for help in marketing their surplus. We may know of future used food equipment not shown in these listings that will fit your needs.